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Seminar: Our digital selves

Seminar: Our digital selves

The theme of this first Agenda seminar in 2016 is the continuous and rapid development of (digital) technologies, and how this ubiquitous presence is influencing our analogue selves and our everyday life. This implies questions concerning how we are seeing ourselves through technology and how we can - and why we should engage with the continuous flow of new technologies.

Bilde av Trine Wester: Gateway, 2015

10.00 Intro by moderator, headmaster at KHiO: Jørn Mortensen

10.10 Torgeir Waterhouse, Director IKT Norge, "Digital representation and presence in digital societies"

IKT-Norge is the interest group for the Norwegian ICT industry. Torgeir Waterhouse works as the Director for Internett and New Media at IKT-Norway.He has especially focused on cases regarding copyright issues and digital medias. He is one of the founders behind the movement “Lær kiddsa kode” (“Teach Kids Programming”) and MachUp; an Norwegian tech accelerator.

11.05 Kate Cooper, artist talk: "RIGGED"

Kate Cooper is a British artist working with CGI technology in her artistic practice, raising questions about the digitally constructed body; the post representational female subject, and the agency of these representations. The engagement with the feminist discourse is a premise behind her work.
Cooper also runs the collaborative art studio Auto Italia South East in London, which explores alternative forms of labor-structures within art practices.

LUNCH 12-12.40

12.40 Axel Tidemann, PhD Research Scientist, Telenor Research
"Artificial Intelligence in Artistic Applications"
Axel Tidemann is working as researcher at Telenor Research, working with artificial intelligence and machine learning. In his Phd Thesis he constructed a artificial drummer, which he learned to play the drums. Some of Tideman's work has been presented as part of art installations.

13.30 Prof Susanne Winterling,
artist talk: “Vertex, Life of CGI Images and the Materiality of Touch”
Susanne M. Winterling is an artist currently living and working in Oslo and Berlin. She holds a MA in
philosophy, is one of the founders of the art collective Akademie Isotrope, and is a professor of
contemporary art at Oslo National Academy of the Arts since 2011.Working across a variety of media,
including film and photography, Winterling is mostly known for site specific installations that critically
intervene in their surroundings through directing attention to the sensual and perceptual qualities of
spaces, objects and images.

14.05 Prof Jill Walker Rettberg:
“Seeing Ourselves Through Technology: How We Use Selfies, Blogs and Wearable Devices to See and Shape Ourselves”
Jill Walker Rettberg is professor of digital culture at the University of Bergen. She is writing/teaching about computer games, digital art, electronic literature, social media and blogging.
In her presentation she will talk about her latest book “Seeing Ourselves Through Technology”.

Moderator: closing words

PAUSE 10 min

Kl. 15.00 Movie viewing: Atelier Bolombolo:”#Artoffline” (61min)
#ArtOffline is a feature documentary exploring contemporary art's problematic relationship with technology; and its intersections with the internet and digital media. Director - Manuel Correa