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Akademirommet: Contemporary Composers Vol. 2

Akademirommet: Contemporary Composers Vol. 2

10 artists have been invited to a workshop to explore the difference between sound, music and noise – the result can be heard at Kunstnernes Hus 6 – 7 April. This project is led by Therese Frisk and Lykourgos Porfyris, the founder of the independent record label AntiPlay Boy the Label, second year MFA students at Academy of Fine Arts.

Opening at Akademirommet: Thursday, 6 April, 18:00

“I feel like I am back in kindergarten”, thus said Kristina Kristidakis during the workshop Failing in Music Industries: a professionalization course.

Contemporary Composers vol. 2 is a cassette compilation of joyful and uncanny sound/music tracks developed through a 2 days’ workshop. In a safe environment, 10 artists had been called to question and to be questioned: What is the difference between sound, music and noise, what sounds can be produced by their bodies, what can be perceived as sound art? Can we visualize sound without notes or waveforms?
The most interesting part was that those questions had never been answered and the most important part was that they had never been asked.
Furthermore, We as tutors failed to provide them with “correct” answers and guidelines

The result of this mess?

Songs, hymns, personal myths, storytelling, spoken word, sound experiments, choir conductions, or just noise compositions are some the elements that can be found in Akademirommet at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo.

Join or fail with us.


Mario Brons
Kristina Krasidakis
Katerina Rotoli
Joanna Knight
Vivid Emotions
Pere Triot
The Jussi Jailheart Experience
Camp Runket with Choir
Detroit Kunsthalle Chorjugend

All the participants were coming from different departments of KHiO and also artists based in Oslo and Berlin.

AntiPlay Boy the Label is an independent record label found by Lykourgos Porfyris in 2016. The label supports sounds from female experimental music and sound art, failed musicians, faggots, fabulous queers, feminists and factious pop stars.

The first workshop of AntiPlay Boy the Label held at Transmission Art Festival, Karlsruhe, Germany in collaboration with the artist Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou. The result of this workshop has been released as a cassette compilation with the name Contemporary Composers Vol. 1