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Ship of the Heart OSSAlT1300–2023

Ship of the Heart OSSAlT1300–2023

Exploring the convergence of art and cultural memory, in the city's ever-expanding history: Ship of the Heart OSSAlT1300–2023 by Petrine Vinje in the Medieval Park.

Artist Petrine Vinje is set to install her latest artwork, Ship of the Heart OSSAlT1300–2023, at the Medieval Park in Oslo. This immersive artwork, positioned in close proximity to archaeological excavations and overlooking the dynamic cityscape along the innermost shore of the Oslo-fjord, promises to challenge perceptions of cultural memory, space, time, and human-technological-material relations.

Rising from the ground up—melding soil, fossil- and artificial materials—the sculptures communicate the sleek hyper aesthetic of the contemporary, mirroring the inevitable evolution of the nearby expanding city. At the same time, the work is based on studies of artefacts from the Museum of Cultural History and textual sources from the Middle Ages.

Ship of the Heart OSSAlT1300–2023, becomes a part of an absolute contingency, connecting the artist, her research, collaborators, partakers, objects, and the situatedness through the hidden structures of human consciousness. In her PhD research Vinje names this phenomenon an “enactive assemblage” – inviting visitors to contemplate and embrace thoughtfulness through art, fostering a form of thinking, where cultural memory may be a catalyst for change. The artwork may act as a contact surface, inviting visitors to engage beyond the physical objects, becoming an integral part of the historical narrative, intertwining with the site's past and present.

This event is the last public mediation of Petrine Vinje's artistic research project, Surfacing Solids, as a doctoral research fellow at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Department of Art & Craft. Vinje explores how going to the origins and roots of a material, can be a radical artistic practice, suggesting that thinking and making with investigative aesthetics from an enactive position may shape the future of artistic research, both within the museum and the artist's studio. Through an exploration of not-yet-known territories, Vinje's work questions binary positions within museum archives and seeks to unlock the potential of cultural memories to envision alternative futures through the ontology of the artwork.

Ship of the Heart OSSAlT1300–2023 is open for the public December 5th – 7th. On December 6th at 6pm there will be a reading and warming refreshments will be served. Entrance from Bispegata to Ladegårdshagen.