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Nothing is important but I’m willing to die for it! Photo: Yaniv Cohen 2023
Nothing is important but I’m willing to die for it! Photo: Yaniv Cohen 2023

Nothing is important but I’m willing to die for it!

Anchoring Presence through Sound: An Interdisciplinary Performance.

This performance emerges from a collaborative workshop between BA Contemporary Dance and BA Acting students, where sound and movement intersect to create an explorative stage experience.

The process began without a predefined theme, allowing for an organic development of ideas. Through this approach, themes such as 'Team,' 'Clan', 'Society', 'Collective', 'Mass', 'Ensemble', 'Horde', and 'Assembly' naturally arose, reflecting the interplay of group dynamics.

The stage becomes a microcosm of various societal constructs, where individual contributions shape the collective narrative. The performance is a weaving of stories, with each movement and sound crafted to reveal the emergent patterns of collective identity and personal expression. Presence is both seen and heard, offering an auditory and visual narrative that resonates with the diverse expressions of the participants.


Co-creators and performers

3. year bachelor skuespillerfag students: Birgitte Fink Andersen, Julie Bunimowicz, Alfred Ekker Strande, Agnes Iduna Kirfel Hestholm, Mie Korsbakken Christensen, Filip Kremmer, Miriam Kirsten-Maria Majcherek, Jenny Mueni Ndunda, Radoslav Paulech, Erik Pelin, Mina Salomonsen Try

3. year bachelor samtidsdans students: Sara Sandvik Arnestad, Arian Salomon Jenssen Etemady, Inger Flotve, Aasa Frøystein, Johannes Gudbrandsen-Stavland, Wiktor Matulewicz, Ida Hebsgaard Mogensen, Matilde Sartori, Jil Sira, Oskar Vigren

Choreography and Set design: Yaniv Cohen
Voice workshop & guidance: Marius Holth
Costume designer: Eyrun Müller
Light designer: Inger Johanne Byhring
Song lyrics: Ravid Plotnik

KHiO Technical Department: Ida Lome Brevik, Are Engebretsen, Kjetil Skåret, Olaf Stangeland, Linda Marie Magnussen.