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Mari Koppanen: Wisdom Within
Mari Koppanen: Wisdom Within

Midterm Assessment: Mari Koppanen

PhD fellow Mari Koppanen presents her doctoral artistic research project Wisdom Within: The Ritual of Amadou.

Amadou is a unique fungal material derived from the polypore mushroom called Fomes fomentarius, better known as tinder mushroom. It has a fascinating historical background and offers a range of health benefits. Amadou provides a soothing sensation upon touch, serving as a tactile bridge between humans and the fungal organism. Wisdom Within: The Ritual of Amadou takes a contemporary approach to this material, weaving cultural-historical and creative perspectives into an interdisciplinary project. This approach enables an in-depth study of amadou, embracing its historical, cultural, and sensory dimensions, with artistic creations positioned at its core.
The historical-cultural part of the project recognizes that amadou is not merely a material but also an experience, a community, and a ritual. It translates the traditional use of the material into informative documentation highlighting how the survival of the amadou crafts depends on a small group of individuals. Utilizing ethnographic methods, the candidate actively takes part in learning the craft, its history, and the people who still practice it in a small Transylvanian village, Corund.

Through artistic creations, the tacit knowledge of the material is transformed into objects that invite interaction and engagement. By bringing amadou to life through tangible objects, the project makes this material accessible and relatable to a wider audience. This aspect of the research emphasizes the soothing and grounding nature of the material, questioning why we feel a primitive connection to amadou. The objects serve as dissemination instruments as well as embodiments of the sensory experiences that amadou elicits in our bodies and minds - similar to what the craftsmen describe in their daily work with the material.

Mid-term Presentation

This mid-term presentation focuses on the use of ethnography as a research method in Koppanen’s project. The event features the premiere of a short documentary film, and a collection of objects that embody the intuitive properties of amadou. After the film screening, candidate’s presentation, and dialogues with the opponent, a panel discussion involving experts from diverse disciplines relevant to the project will take place.


13.30-14.05 Presentation and film screening by the candidate
14.05-14.50 Discussion between the opponent and the candidate
14.50-15.00 Break
15.00-16.00 Panel discussion
16.00-16.30 Questions from the audience

Moderator: Pavlina Lucas
Opponent: Synne Skjulstad
Panel: Antti Lindfors, Katri Koppanen and Kari Ahotupa
Supervisors: Pavlina Lucas, Susanne Winterling