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Avgang 2023: Bachelor billedkunst

Avgang 2023: Free Education for All / BFA Graduation Show

Oslo Kunstforening and Kunstakademiet are proud to welcome you to the opening of the BFA graduation exhibition. 26 newly graduated artists from the bachelor programme will fill the entire building of the historic Rådmannsgården.

Are these our concluding works? No, just the end of a chapter. See you there!

Ragnhild Aarvik
Mohamed Mohamed
Victoria Alstrup
Vilja Houen Askelund
Lotte Lovise Berge Brøndbo
Julius Berntzen Karoubi
Kelly Felicia Björnram
Christine Bølviken Norås
Sondre Røe
Marthin Espeland
Lova Hiselius
Johanna Hoffsten
Kaysa Konopljak
Hanna Landgren Hilmersson
Isak Bernstein Leikanger
Nora Mauroy
Leonard Vincent Rode
Kim Andreas Roland Berger
Josefine Rue
Amanda Sanders
Vincent Schmid Skretteberg
Samira Tohidi
Isak Ree
Liza Trulsson
Karla Bring Uddén
Ole Harboe Øverdahl

Press Opening: May 5th 13:00-15:00



Friday May 5th
18.00: Hanna Landgren Hilmersson / Ett Stycke Liv
18.30: Liza Trulsson
19.15: Kaysa Konopljak / The Expropriation of Ron Weasley

Saturday May 6th
14:00-15:00: Tours with exhibiting artists

Sunday May 7th
14:00-15:00: Tours with exhibiting artists

Thursday May 11th
16:00-17:00: Tours with exhibiting artists

Sunday, 14th May
14:00-15:00: Tours with exhibiting artists
15:00-15:30: Performance by Hanna Landgren Hilmersson / Ett Stycke Liv

On site exhibition at Reception Gallery, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
with Julius Karoubi, Kim Andreas Roland Berger and Johanna Hoffsten
Opening, May 6th: 14:00-18:00 / Exhibition hours: May 7th-14th: 12:00-16:00