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Emilie Marie Karlsen og Snorre Kaspersen Laugerud: "Ett hundre feiltrinn"
Emilie Marie Karlsen og Snorre Kaspersen Laugerud: "Ett hundre feiltrinn"

Poetry as score

Prosjektet Poetry as score er et samarbeid mellom master dans ved KHiO, studenter fra Norges musikkhøgskole og Akademi for scenekunst.

I prosjektet har vi utforsket poesi som utgangspunkt for danserisk og musikalsk interpretasjon, i etterklangen av den såkalte New York-skolens eksperimentelle partiturer på 1950- og 60-tallet; open form scores («åpen form-partiturer»). Den utvidede utøverrollen i skjæringspunktet mellom tolkende og skapende, har stått i sentrum for utforskningen i møtet mellom danser og musiker.

Prosjektet har bestått av en to-dagers workshop med innføring i historisk kontekst og metoder, samt en selvstendig interpretasjonsprosess hvor studentene har arbeidet med et selvvalgt poetisk materiale som utgangspunkt. Prosjektet avsluttes med visninger ved KHiO og NMH.

English version:
The project "Poetry as score" is a collaboration between MA Dance at KHIO and students from the Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH) and the Norwegian Theatre Academy.

In this project, we have explored poetry as a starting point for dance and musical interpretation, in the reverberation of the so-called New York school's experimental scores in the 1950s and 60s; open form scores. The expanded performer’s role in the intersection of interpreting and creating, has been at the center of the exploration in the encounter between dancer and musician.

The project has consisted of a two-day workshop with an introduction to historical context and methods, as well as an independent interpretation process where students have worked with a self-chosen poetic material as a starting point. The project ends with showings at KHiO and NMH.

Medvirkende studenter

KHiO, master dans: Emilie Marie Karlsen, Fie Dam Mygind, Ingvild Bertelsen, Marlene Bonnesen, Marta Julia Kosieradzka, Oda Olivia Øverbø Lindegård

Norges musikkhøgskole: Christian Moosdorf (Bachelor, det frie kandidatstudiet FRIKA), Ferdinand Bergstrøm (Master  musikkpedagogikk, gitar), Katherine Hsu (Master i utøving, piano), Maren Sofie Nyland Johansen (Master i utøving, akkordeon), Snorre Kaspersen Laugerud (Bachelor, det frie kandidatstudiet FRIKA)

Akademi for Scenekunst:
Nicolaj Wamberg (Master Performance)

Prosjektleder: Janne-Camilla Lyster
Veiledere: Ellen Ugelvik og Janne-Camilla Lyster

Tider og steder

Onsdag 11. mai

Kl. 18:30-20:45, NMH Levinsalen

18:30 Emilie Marie Karlsen / Snorre Kaspersen Laugerud
18:50 Oda Olivia Øverbø Lindegård / Maren Sofie Nyland Johansen
19:10 Fie Dam Mygind / Christian Moosdorf
19:30 Pause (15 minutter)
19:45 Marta Julia Kosieradzka / Katherine Hsu
20:05 Ingvild Bertelsen / Ferdinand Bergstrøm
20:25 Marlene Bonnesen / Nicolaj Wamberg

Torsdag 12. mai

14:30-15:30, NMH Bevegelsesrommet:

Fie Dam Mygind / Christian Moosdorf
Emilie Marie Karlsen / Snorre Kaspersen Laugerud
Marlene Bonnesen / Nicolaj Wamberg

19:00-20, KHiO Loftet 2:

Marta Julia Kosieradzka / Katherine Hsu
Oda Olivia Øverbø Lindegård / Maren Sofie Nyland Johansen
Ingvild Bertelsen / Ferdinand Bergstrøm

Fredag 13. mai

Kl. 13:00-15:15, KHiO Loftet 2 og Studio 12

13:00 Emilie Marie Karlsen / Snorre Kaspersen Laugerud
13:20 Oda Olivia Øverbø Lindegård / Maren Sofie Nyland Johansen
13:40 Fie Dam Mygind / Christian Moosdorf
14:00 Pause (15 minutter)
14:15 Marta Julia Kosieradzka / Katherine Hsu
14:35 Ingvild Bertelsen / Ferdinand Bergstrøm
14:55 Marlene Bonnesen / Nicolaj Wamberg

Om arbeidene

Emilie Marie Karlsen og Snorre Kaspersen Laugerud

Vi gjør en tolkning av Janne-Camilla Lyster sitt partitur Ett hundre feiltrinn som er en del av serien Skjønnhet I-X skrevet i 2018.

Oda Olivia Øverbø Lindegård og Maren Sofie Nyland Johansen

En tolkning av partituret med samme tittel skrevet av Janne-Camilla Lyster, hentet fra boken «koreografisk poesi» (2019). Vi legger ut på en vandring innover, bakover, nedover, mens vi strekker oss i alle retninger, mest av alt opp og litt bortover. Der til slutt, og flere steder på veien, møter vi oss selv i blomstene. Nesten på begynnelsen.

Ingvild Bertelsen and Ferdinand Bergstrøm

Equidistant Points
This work in progress is an exploration of the text-based score “Nocturnal” which is composed by 7 poetic events, written by Janne- Camilla Lyster. We have been working parallel to each other, allowing the music and movement score to develop on two different tracks at the same time. By listening to the nature of the poetry, ourselves and one another, we allow the tracks to intersect, to meet and to give space when needed. This results in an ongoing exploration with the text as our focus.

Marta Kosieradzka and Katherine Hsu

This performance based on the choreographic score with the same title written by Janne-Camilla Lyster is an attempt to translate poetry to different art mediums. ‘’Love’’ is a music and dance performance created through searching for a dialog between movement, sound, space and the body. It explores the relationship between two performers and a very present object - grand piano.

They say that all songs are about love. Touching the most inspiring theme in World’s Art History in this piece we take the audience on a journey through music genres, textures, movement qualities, shapes, languages, sensations and images. It's a shortcut of the progress of love, with emotions, with reactions, with something in the air.

Fie Dam Mygind and Christian Moosdorf

Floating water is like a person. Cargo is situated in the spine. Thyme we did not find.
We will take our time, to be lost and found in translation, in a landscape of sound and movement.

Score: Pulsslag (Norwegian title), poem by Jacques Roubaud from the collection of poems; Quelque Chose Noir (1986).

Marlene Bonnesen and Nicolaj Wamberg

The Waltz of The Big Black Smith
This is a short extract from a performance made by musician/performer Nicolaj Wamberg and dancer Marlene Bonnesen. As part of Nicolaj’s final MA project at The Norwegian Theatre Academy, the duo has dived into the questions: How to stage cultural (folk)heritage? What exists between the beats, bars, and rhythms of the music and dance material, and what is hidden behind the skills and the practice? Juxtaposing clichés of music and dance, the bodies are passing on resonating traces of cultural heritage which they mirror, accept and confront along the way.

Oppmøte visninger: Møt opp i resepsjonen der forestillingene finner sted (enten KHiO eller NMH) for å få veibeskrivelse til spillested. Det er ikke billetter til visningene, så dørene stenges når det er fullt.