Avgang 2021: Drifting Matters

12 avgangsstudenter ved masterstudiet i medium- og materialbasert kunst, og 4 avgangsstudenter i masterstudiet i kunst og offentlige rom presenterer sitt avgangsarbeid i en felles utstilling.

Welcome to 'Drifting Matters', the graduation exhibition of the final year students of the Master program at the Art & Craft department in Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

Opening will be held as a streamed event on 4th of June at 16.00-17.00

The exhibition opens for public on 4th of June from 17-19 until 13th of June.

Opening hours:
mon-sunday 13-19
(except for wednesday 9.6 opening hours are: 13-15)

'Drifting Matters' is the MFA graduation show encompassing the individual works from the 16 students graduating from the Art & Craft department at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

The title of the show refers to the challenging times the students have been put through while preparing and finalising their graduation works during the pandemic. More precisely, 'Drifting Matters' points to a sense of aimless movement – a wandering feeling, that has characterized their practices and daily lives throughout the past year. The MFA graduation show 'Drifting Matters' seeks to beam a light of hope into the future challenges; where the unknown currents and forces revail the uncertain realities we live in, we must never be powerless or lose our inquisitive and creative minds.

Se også nettsiden artandcraft2021.com med dokumentasjon av de to avgangsutstillingene på avdeling kunst og håndverk.

Press release (pdf)

Avgangsstudenter i master medium- og materialbasert kunst

Alejandra Aguilar Caballero / Instagram: @alejaguilarcab
Coline Delozanne / Instagram: @catharsis.organique 
Enrique Guadarrama Solis / Instagram: @eguadarramasolis
Elisa Halvorsen Castillo / Instagram: @elisi.halvorsen
Nellie Jonsson / Instagram: @nellie414
One Austeja Maldonyte / Instagram: @omaldonyte
Takumi Morozumi / Instagram: @takumster_tv 
Robin Strøm Nilsen / Instagram: @nilsen.robin
Katri Ellen Maria Paunu / Instagram: @katripaunu 
Freja Burgess / Instagram: @____freja 
Ying-Chu Shih / Instagram: @shih_yingchu
Mingxuan Tan / Instagram: @mingxuan_tan 

Avgangsstudenter i master kunst og offentlige rom

Viviana Cárdenas / Instagram: @viv.cardenas
Ana Henriques Brotas 
Alexis Owen / Instagram: @newo_eixel 
Karina Sletten

MFA Art and Craft instagram: @khio_artandcraft

Med forbehold om endringer.
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