Art and Craft Lecture: Jan Svenungsson

Writing as an artist. How to do it, and how not to.

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Jan Svenungsson (*1961) is a Swedish visual artist, based in Berlin and Vienna. Since 2011 he is the head of the department for Graphics and Printmaking at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

In his work, which takes its departure in surrealism, Svenungsson has used a wide variety of media while focusing his thematic concerns on a few recurring visual tropes such as chimneys, maps, and bloodstains. In recent work, these thematic restrictions have been broken down. Since the late 80s, Svenungsson has published a large number of texts and essays on topics relating to art, architecture and music. In 2007 appeared his “An Artist’s Text Book”, which addresses the conditions for visual artists who choose – or are forced – also to write. It has since appeared in German, French and Slovak translations. His latest book was published in 2019: "Making Prints and Thinking About It" (DeGruyter/edition angewandte).