Studying at KHiO 2019: Design

Name: Tiril Haug Johne
Programme: Graphic design and illustration
Age: 23

Tell us about your graduation project.

I’ve worked with the housing cooperative where I live, Casinetto, and created a travel manual there. The project is also about the technical challenges related to making a book. The book itself is about the cooperative’s architecture, living arrangements and surroundings.

Why did you apply to the Academy?

I was interested in books and publishing, and with graphic design I could also work within several other disciplines. I imagined it would be a kind of cross-disciplinary study, and that suited me fine.

What is the most important thing you’re taking with you from the Academy?

When I began here, I thought I knew what graphic design was, but I soon found out that it’s much more than that. For instance, now I know that I think type design – that is the design of letter shapes and fonts – is exciting, and that’s something I want to work more on.

What have your fellow students meant?

We’re a very mixed class, and that has led to many exciting conversations and provided me with a broader perspective of most things. In a practical study like this, the student community is just as important as the teaching – and this community has been wonderful.

What happens now?

I’m going on to take a Master’s degree here at the Academy. And I expect that I’ll continue to discover that the discipline is widening its scope.