Karen Disen

Karen Disen got her Diploma in 1985 from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Metal and Jewelry department.

Karen Disen is a jeweler and metal artist. She has been teaching drawing and composition at the Design dep. and Art and Craft dep. since 1987. Among her favorite subjects are rhythms, improvisation, ornaments and visual abstractions from imagination. She has given lectures at National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design and directed by Norwegian Crafts.

Since “Jugend Gestaltet” in Munich in 1987 Karen has been internationally known and the same year she established her own studio. Her work is original, she has specialized in weaving and welding stainless steel thin as paper. The visual language, possibilities in techniques and the capability of the stainless steel fascinate and challenge. Amongst her early works, the container/basket like objects had lot of attention and she is represented at all three museums of applied art in Norway. When Karen works with jewelry the anatomy and the movement of the body and gravity is central to the designs. In 2014 the museum in Oslo and Trondheim purchased a bracelet and a broach.