Kai Johnsen

Kai Johnsen is a director and a dramaturg educated at The National Academy of Theatre and The University of Oslo.

Professor in directing (50%) at The Academy of Theatre. Mainly at MA. Qualified as a professor also in dramaturgy/creative writing for the stage.

Focusing in his work at The Academy of Theatre specially in the inter-relationship between different aestethic, conceptual and organisatorical/social/political strategies.

In his career as a director in the theatre field he has directed more than 50 performances on leading Norwegian and foreign stages, in a variety of genres.

He is considered to be one of his countrys leading figures in the development of new text/new concepts in the scenic arts. As a director he has collaborated with several of Norways leading contemporary writers (oa Jon Fosse and Cecilie Løveid). He is also working as a dramaturg with a selection of distinguished Norwegian scenic artists, ao Pia Maria Roll and Ingun Bjørnsgaard.

Johnsen has held key positions in ao Norsk kulturråd (The Arts Council of Norway), Dramatikkens hus (a national centere for development of new writing for the stage) and Norsk sceneinstruktørforening (The Guild of Norwegian Directors).

Research results

  • Teknologisk utvikling, pest og samfunnsendringer (2020).
    Lecture. More
  • 35 år bør holde som teatersjef på Bergen Internasjonale Teater (2020).
    Reader opinion piece. More
  • Kulturrådet og basisstøtten: tåkeprat, prinsippløshet og mulige lovbrudd (2019).
    Reader opinion piece. More
  • Master i fremtidens teater? På KHIO?? (2019).
    Reader opinion piece. More
  • Spørrespillet (2017).
    Performing Arts. More
  • Master i teater? Kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid? Hæ? (2017).
    Reader opinion piece. More
  • nodes on fish, stars and the social (2017).
    Other presentation. More
  • Åstaddiktning av Eirik Fauske (2017).
    Performing Arts. More
  • Kai Johnsen om: Pia Maria Roll (2016).
    Lecture. More
  • Ø Episode 9 (2016).
    Musical performance. More