Hans Henriksen

Hans Henriksen (1965 ) is a theater director and theater educator .

He has an MA in stage directing from St. Petersburg State Academy of Theatre Arts in Russia.

His debut in 1997 with the performance of auditors Nicolay Gogol at the National Theatre in Oslo and has since staged some 30 productions at various theaters in Norway and Denmark , mainly by larger public theater institutions.

Hans has worked almost 20 years as a theater educator at various institutions primarily by the National Academy of Arts in Oslo and the State Theatre Academy in Copenhagen. His basic skills as a theater educator is based on the Russian director and teacher Georgy Tovstanogovs work, who through his pupil and teacher of Hans, Professor Irina Malochevskaja implementet the Method of action analysis and the Method of physical actions in Norway .

Hans has since 2010 been a professor of directing at the Academy in Oslo and was hed of directing departement as long. He has taught theatre directors and actors in all stages of their education at the National Academy of  the Arts in Oslo .