Semester fee and registration

Have you paid the semester fee and completed the registration procedure?

Both must be done so that you can get the right to study and obtain credits. Both must be done for us to be able to report your student status to Lånekassen. The student portal Studentweb is used for the semester registration.

Logging on to Studentweb

Go to Studentweb.
Select Feide logon and log on with your student number (6 digits) followed by
Enter your Feide password, which you also use on the school's computers and wireless network.

The student number has been sent both to your KHiO-mail and your external email, in an email titled Pinkode-brev. If you have not received such a message via email, please contact

Paying semester fee (deadline: 10 September in the autumn and 10 February in the spring)

Log on to Studentweb.
Click "More" in the top menu and then "Payments". Read the information carefully. Here you will find swift and IBAN codes. Be careful to use the correct KID (customer ID) and account number when paying.
Enter your internet bank and pay the bill.

You can get a printed invoice upon request. Consult the reception or email

Registering (deadline: 12 September in the autumn and 12 February in the spring)

Log on to Studentweb.
If the semester fee have been paid, you should see a green button titled "Start registration".
Click the button and complete the entire sequence.

The semester registration is done when this sequence is completed. The prerequisite is that the semester fee have been paid and registered in our bank. It takes 1-3 days from the time of the payment until it is read into the system.