Ladies of the Press*

Artist Talk: Ladies of the Press*

Ana Čavić and Renée O’Drobinak are Ladies of the Press*, a multidisciplinary artist duo that re-imagines the role of the publisher and publicist into a theatrical persona, mixing live art performance and print media.

Čavić and O’Drobinak use the concept of publishing as a medium and make art as publishing under the slogan ‘We are what we print'. Their work is transient and interactive with the end product ranging from books, printed ephemera and performing to camera for live broadcast - all of which explore notions of the ‘press’.

Notable commissions include performances at Camden 50 festival run by Camden Borough Council, Wirksworth Festival, Southbank Centre, Tate Public Programmes and London Word Festival.

After the talk they will hold a workshop open for the Print & Drawing Students at KHiO, where the students will be encouraged to explore a variety of styles and voices and distil their ideas into text and image based on propaganda strategies from agitprop through to fake news. What is the relationship between art and propaganda today? When does “art propaganda” become propaganda art?

Ladies of the Press*