Helen Carnac.

Art and Craft Lectures: Helen Carnac

In this semester's first Art and Craft Lecture we welcome Helen Carnac, an artist, maker and curator who lives and works in London.

Room to Move

During a career spanning 25 years I have taken some changes in direction, experimenting and working across disciplines. In this talk I will describe some of the projects I have worked on and look at the core threads that connect things together, no matter how diverse the work has been.

Setting up her studio in the early 1990’s, Helen Carnac develops projects using design methodologies that are rooted in an acute awareness of physical location, place and working practices. Often working in interdisciplinary environments, she has worked extensively in Europe and USA. Her work is held in both national and international collections.

‘Looking at her work and installations, one is reminded of the many components Carnac has assembled: what she’s seen, where she’s been, shapes of things and the spaces they leave behind. Carnac’s method is, for her, the perfect marriage of material, tool and process’.
(Marjorie Simon)

Art and Craft Lectures
is a cross-disciplinary lecture series at the Art and Craft department. This lecture series highlights the breadth and depth of the art practices that the Art and Craft department encompasses. Each lecture will feature current issues pertaining to and spanning the five areas: Art and Public Space, Textile, Ceramics, Print and Drawing, Metal and Jewellery.

Helen Carnac has been invited by Metal- and Jewellery.