Célio Braga.

Hotweek 2018: Between body, reason and faith

Metal- and jewellery invites you to their annual international seminar. This year it adresses the tension between reason and faith. Guest artists are Célio Braga, Katja Prins and Pascale Pollier.

Between body, reason and faith

The tension between reason and faith is sometimes very complex and difficult to understand. Results from today’s urge to draw clear, strict lines between science and art, reason and spirituality, materiality and objects “Science does not simply uncover truth, it is also a culturally constructed, normative activity that reflects the ideals of its time,” writes Ebenstein. “Only a little over two hundred years ago [the Anatomical Venus] was the perfect tool to teach human anatomy to the public; today she is bizarre—an alluring, life-like female wax model in a state of ambiguous ecstasy with her inner organs on graphic display.”

Jorge Manilla, professor of Metal and jewellery, subject area coordinator .

Bursting with Emotion
Lecture by Célio Braga

My lecture will be a collage of images from works made between the years 2000 and 2018 in combination with fragments of text and 03 fragments of videos. All the images, fragments of text and videos poses existential questions in relation to the fragility of the human body, to creation and to the passing of time. The lectures will reflect on topics expressing the tension between life, love, eroticism, illness, suffering, loss and death.

Brave New World
Lecture by Katja Prins

In my lecture I give a background story to my work as a jewellery artist and with my work I want to tell stories about the body; as an instrument / machine and instruments / machines as extensions of the body.
Stories about the intimate relationship between human bodies and mechanic devices, (medical) technology and industry. How do we relate to each other? An interaction which is increasing rapidly these days.

Unconventional Beauty
Lecture by Pascale Pollier

 This lecture is about an artists collaboration with scientists. In my talk I will be exploring the origine of my inspiration and take you on a journey of the creative process from an idea to materialising this idea into a work of art.

Pascale studied fine art and painting at St Lucas art school in Ghent, Belgium, and subsequently a postgraduate training with the Medical Artists Association, London UK.


09:30 Registration and Coffee
10:00 Lecture: Célio Braga, Visual Artist
11:15 Lecture: Katja Prins, Jewellery Artist
12:15 Lecture: Pascale Pollier, Medical Artist

Students will take part in workshops the whole week connected to the theme.