"Mytologier" by Rita Marhaug. Photo credit: Sareena Sattapon.

Art and Craft lectures: Rita Marhaug

Rooted both in her printmaking and performance practice, Rita Marhaug makes provocative work in response to the Norwegian economy by focusing on the threat of oil and gas production off Lofoten’s coastline.

Title of lecture:
Hard Work, Soft Living

Rita Marhaug's approach to performance is through the basic tools of the body, with sparse use of objects and other requisites. The everyday language of bodily behaviour and the concrete body’s dimensions is the source of inspiration for her work and actions.

Marhaug exhibits internationally, often in collaboration with fellow performance artist Traci Kelly and as the co-founder and artistic leader of Performance Art Bergen; she is a leading advocate for the future development of Bergen’s cultural landscape.

She is co-founder of the publishing Nordic imprint Codex Polaris and currently heads the board of Trykkeriet, the largest print editioning studio in Norway. Today her work spans photography, print, installation and performance.

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Art and Craft Lectures

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