Kasbah walking II, Hans Hamid Rasmussen.

Havana Biennial 2019: Hans Hamid Rasmussen

Professor in textile art, Hans Hamid Rasmussen, is invited to the 13th Havana Biennial with his project Kasbah walking II. 166 international artists from more than 50 countries will come to Havana and join 69 Cuban artists for this great event opening on April 12th.

The artists  have been selected by the curatorial team in connection to the theme of this edition: La construcción de lo possible (Construction of the Possible). This concept intends to present artworks that assume artistic creation “as a living event or experience in progress…… beyond the traditional notion of authorship and the acknowledgment of diversity”. The curators also state that the concept includes the interest in the artistic creation aimed at proposing “future models of understanding and solidarity among human beings.”

Norwegian-Algerian Hans Hamid Rasmussen refers to his artistic project as an “homage to the hybrid”, and in his embroideries he tries to give form to the experience of ruptures in language. He will bring 12 of his works from Kasbah walking II to the Biennal, also shown in his solo exhibition at Martin Asbæk Gallery, Copenhagen,2018.  His project is supported by the Committee on Artistic Research and Development at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Martin Asbæk Gallery in Copenhagen and Office for Contemporary Art Norway.

Hans Hamid Rasmussen  was born in Alger 1963, and French was his mother tongue. At the age of 7 he moved with his family to Norway, and he soon lost his first language. His work explores intercultural dilemmas and the possibility to express both the introvert and silent language he knew from Alger as well as the extravert language he knows from his upbringing in Norway.

Havana Biennial 2019