Galleri Seilduken: Visible or Invisible Stories

MA2 student Md Wahiduzzaman Bhuian, specializes in Print and drawing.

Place: Galleri Seilduken 2, 4th floor, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Fossveien 24.

I try to use the directness and simplicity of drawing as my main tool of action. I notice that my drawing keeps changing gradually taking new forms and a new combination of stories. Recently, three or four subjects are coming instead of one. For instance, sometimes I see a dog and a man standing side by side where the size of the dog seems bigger than the man. Sometimes I draw some weird animals which do not look like any living organism in this world and sometimes I draw a half man and a half cat or dog. What I have realized is that my subjects are being mixed up with reality and imagination both. Now, I am trying to find a way to present the real and the imaginary world together on a single canvas while also presenting the similarities and dissimilarities side by side.

Md Wahiduzzaman Bhuian