Still from Puff by Eva Rosa Hollup.

Akademirommet: Puff

Puff is a documentation of the act of capturing movement in between changing positions. By Eva Rosa Hollup, an artist currently completing her MA degree.

The work is a video- and sound installation displaying a series of moving portraits, depicting faces forming its own rhythm while entering in and out of concentrated observation. The various scratching of charcoal and pencils on paper is mixed together and separated from its source.

Eight people are documented in a state of silent concentration as well as the sounds stemming from active, bodily movements that cannot be observed directly.

A warm thanks to the cinematographer:
Øyvind Svanes Lunde

A warm thanks to the participants:
Kornelia Remø Klokk
Mikael Munz Bakketun
Chloe Elgie
Fan Yating
Bjørnar Sira
Espen Iden
Maria Storm-Gran
Christine Dahlerup