1+1=세모 (trekant)

How can the voice, the sonic, and the aural structure an exhibition and construct the methodology of a curatorial practice? Open lecture by South Korean curator and writer Seewon Hyun.

In this lecture, curator and writer Seewon Hyun presents three curatorial projects that were manifested in Seoul. The three projects share a common denominator in working with archives, memory, site-specificity, and voice, whereby Hyun's curatorial processes are an artistic investigation to physically manifest the invisible, fleeting, and ephemeral histories.

Seewon Hyun is invited to KHiO by The academy of fine art and will together with the writer and artist Jeuno JE Kim hold the workshop
1+1=세모 (trekant), on performance writing, scoring, and scripting for our students this week. The lecture is open to the public.

There will be an Q&A with Seewon Hyun and Jeuno JE Kim after the lecture.


Seewon Hyun is a curator and writer based in Seoul, South Korea. Since 2013 she is running Audio Visual Pavilion, an exhibition space located in Seoul.( After studying art history and Korean literature at Ewha Womans University, she received her MA in Art History from Korea National University of Arts with a thesis on post-Minjoong (post-People’s Art movement) that was vital to the Korean art scene in the 1980s. Currently, she is a doctoral student in D.F.A. in Visual Arts at Yonsei University. Hyun has published several books on contemporary art and has curated numerous exhibitions. Her interest in context, the exhibitionary, and site-specificity has led to manifestations of projects in a range of spaces from a traditional Korean architecture, to performance and theater spaces, museums, galleries, as well as the printed page.

With a background in theology, economics, music and radio, Jeuno JE Kim is a writer and an artist working with performance, sound, drawing, animation, video and text. Born in South Korea, she’s based somewhere between Malmö and Copenhagen. She is currently a senior lecturer at the Valand Art Academy in Göteborg where she is the Program Leader of the Bachelor Education. Kim completed her MA in Feminist Liberation Theology from Harvard University, and MFA at the University of Illinois at Chicago.