Katrine Køster Holst.

Ceramics Now: The Faenza Price

Research Fellow Katrine Køster Holst has been invited to the Faenza Price. A special exhibition, curated by international curators, showing contemporary ceramic sculpture.

17 curators have selected 55 famous artists from all over the world in order to have a wide and complete vision of the ceramic art situation today. Not only sculptures but also installations and performances will characterize this exhibition.

Holst’s research project Minerals and Natural Phenomena – methods for working with clays and other raw materials in contemporary ceramic art examines how artistic ceramic expression can be created by mimicing nature’s method and processes for shapeformations. She contributes with two ceramic slabs; Studies of strata and crack formations and a series of 14 drawings; Studies of layers in ceramic slices. Keywords for her contribution are geological faults and stratigraphy.

During its life the Faenza Prize has represented the works by great artists which determined great changes in the history of sculpture and art in general. The 60th Faenza Prize, for the first time of its history, will be a great exhibition supported by international curators responsible for selecting and inviting artists from all over the world.

From 30th June to 7th October 2018 Faenza will house the most significant ceramic art researches created both by international masters and young talents.

For opening hours please see International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza

Curators of the Biennale:
Sandra Benadretti, Luca Bochicchio, Irene Biolchini, Claudia Casali, Monika Gass, Wendy Geers, Grant Gibson, Tomo Hirai, Jacques Kaufmann, Torbjorn Kvasbo, Alessandra Laitempergher, Elaine Henry, Jelena Popovic, Urmas Puhkan, Vittorio Amedeo Sacco, Nathalie Shu-ling Chiang, Marco Tonelli.

Artists taking part to the exibhition: Eugenj Antufiev 1986 (RUS); Salvatore Arancio, 1974 (IT/GB); Neil Brownsword, 1970 (GB); Bertozzi & Casoni 1957-1961 (IT); Arianna Carossa 1973 (IT/USA); Fernando Casasempere 1958 (CHI/GB); Bruno Ceccobelli 1952 (IT); Caroline Cheng 1963 (CHI); Chang Ching Yuan, 1960 (TAW); Salvatore Cuschera, 1958 (IT/GB); Canan Dagdelen 1960 (TUR/A); Giuseppe Ducrot, 1966 (IT); Clementine Dupré, 1978 (F); Efrat Eyal 1967 (ISR); Alessandro Gallo, 1974 (IT/USA); Mia E Göransson, 1961 (SWE); Michel Gouery, 1959 (F); Chen Guanghui 1969 (CHI); Satoru Hoshino 1945 (JAP); Thomas Hirschler, 1965 (D); Tsubasa Kato 1962 (JAP); Sangwoo Kim 1980 (COR/F), Katrine Køster Holst, 1979 (DK); Anna Dorothea Klug, 1984 (D); Liu Jianhua 1962 (CHI); Luigi Mainolfi 1948 (IT); Shozo Michikawa 1953 (JAP); Johannes Nagel 1979 (D); Harumi Nakashima 1950 (JAP); Ngozi Omeje Ezema 1979 (NIG); Pekka Paikkari 1960 (FIN); Eva Pelechová 1984 (CEC); Alessandro Pessoli 1963 (IT/USA); Paolo Polloniato 1979 (IT); Irina Razumovskaya 1990 (RUS); Leo Rohlin 1939 (EST); Annabeth Rosen 1957 (USA); Kathy Ruttenberg 1957 (USA); Anders Ruhwald 1974 (DK/USA); Brendan Lee Satish Tang 1975 (CAN); Scuotto (Salvatore 1969, Emanuele 1978 IT); Kim Simonsson 1973 (FIN); Vera Stanković 1967 (SLO/SER); Sudarshan Shetty 1961 (India); Johan Tahon 1965 (B); Alessio Tasca 1929 (IT); Johnson Tsang 1960 (CHI); Antonio Violetta 1953 (IT); Jiang Yanze 1975 (CHI); Yunghsu Hsu 1955 (TAW); Anne Wenzel 1972 (D/NED); Paula Winokur 1935-2018 (USA); Veljko Zejak 1980 (SRB); Simon Jozsef Zsolt 1978 (HU).