Existential loneliness and ways of survival vol. 1

Andreårsstudent i BA billedkunst, Magnus Kaurin, åpner utstilling.

"In the forest again, and this time I don’t think I can find the way out.
I’m totally lost in my own thoughts. They are so overwhelming. The darkness that is falling down on the trees are the reflection of my my inner demons. They are not physical anymore. They don’t have faces. They don’t have voices. It’s just the quite serenity that is all consuming and corrupting all the colors of my day. This fog is so scary. I can even smell my own worst fears now. How am I ever going to find my way out of this horrendous forest? I am just going to wander deeper in, and then, perhaps I will get out alive one day. I am so alone in here. Oh my god. Why?".