An exhibition by Esra Duzen Sandemose 2BA student at The Academy of Fine Art.

Esra Duzen Sandemose will show her textile sculptures, costumes and other works + a short video. There will also be a performance starting at 17.15.


The Island is in a very remote location and its only connection to the outer world is the bottled messages that they receive from other civilizations in the outer world.

Through the bottled messages that contains limited information about the outer world, a version of our world is invented where we can take any idea and information that exists in our world, share it with the islanders and see what happens and how it reflects on those beings.

In the dreamlike scenario of "Axioms", islanders experience death and rituals after the deadly poisonous bug kills Queen's favorite snake husband. All characters base their actions on the information received through the bottled messages from the outer world. Shaman of the island appoints one of the islanders to practice praying, Queen tries everything from witchcraft spells to sacrificing other snakes to bring back her husband. While Islanders experience the natural cycle of life the new knowledge about the rituals bring different expectations to their lives.