Poethical Reading Sessions by Valentina Desideri and Denise Ferreira da Silva

The person or group should come to the session with a political question to be read. A ‘political question’ is any problem, issue, or situation that has a political dimension and that is experienced directly by the person. There is no need to come with a well-defined question. For ‘the question’ can also come up during an initial reading and it can be further narrowed or expanded when addressed by other tools. It may be something that bothers or preoccupies you, regardless of whether it is primarily lived out on a practical, personal, ideological, conceptual or existential level.

Booking is required at Each session can be booked by an individual or a small group (5 people max., for groups of people who already work together (e.g. institutions, groups of activists etc.) and are sharing a common political problem. The session will last aproximately one hour.

Valentina Desideri works with fake healing and other methods to deal with politics. Denise Ferreira da Silva is a philosopher working on the critique of Kantian and Hegelian philosophy, as well as a practitioner of Astrology, Tarots, Reiki and herbal healing. Drawing from each other's practices Denise & Valentina came together to provide readings of political problems. These Poethical Readings have been performed in Arika ep7 (Glasgow), The Showroom (London) and If I Can’t Dance (Amsterdam).