Detalj, bokinstallasjon Peter Puklus. Foto: Julia Kubisty / Thisispaper Studio

Fotobokfestival Oslo: Curators in Conversation

Associate Professor of Printmaking and Drawing Victoria Browne, will discuss the genre of photobooks at Fotobokfestival Oslo. This is part of her Artistic Research at KHiO.

Place: Mellomstasjonen, Brynjulf Bulls plass 2

Christian Tunge (Co-Director of Melk) will be in conversation with Victoria Browne (KHiO Associate Professor, Director of KALEID editions) and Eline Mugaas (Artist, Galleri Riis) to discuss the genre of photobooks.

About the festival

Fotobokfestival Oslo welcomes you to a weekly program where we focus on photobooks as artistic expressions and phenomena – through exhibitions, lectures, artists' talks and more! Fotobok festival Oslo was established by the Federation of Free Photographers (FFF) in 2009, and is now an event taking place in September each year. The festival is free and open to all.

This year's festival has its base on Arbeidersamfunnets plass with the main exhibition Precious, Contemporary, Punk. The concept was developed by year's curators Behzad Farazollahi and Christian Tunge from MELK and Heavy Books.

In addition, the Fotobokfestival Oslo collaborates with Fotografiens Hus, MELK, Mellomstasjonen and Tronsmo, which all have their own satellite programs in their own premises as part of this year's festival.

The festival opens Friday 15 September at 18.00, and lasts until 21 September.
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