The Art of Mixing: Flavor of Carrot + Sound of the Sea

This is a workshop for children between 3 – 7 years with Ronak Moshtaghi. The event is a part of Oslo Opens BOO!Barnefestival, Saturday 22 April.

Date and time: Saturday 22th of April 12:00-12:40, 13:00-13:40, 14:00- 14:40, 15:00- 15:40
Place: Akademirommet, Kunstnernes Hus – Wergelandsveien 17
Duration: 40 minutes per workshop
Technique: Mixed Media, painting, smells, tastes
Age group: 3- 7 years old
Parents: Can take part
Drop- in

Part of Oslo Open

Children love to mix things. They do it every single day! However, children are taught to mix ingredients and objects that are to a great extent predetermined. They learn that certain mixtures are “appropriate” while others are “inappropriate” and come to understand that mixing has certain restrictions and conditions.

This workshop will suspend such restrictions by encouraging children to challenge their own creativity and giving them full freedom to mix everything they wish. They can mix by following their emotions and creativity without following instructions and without thinking about what fits or does not fit together. The workshop will be inspired by the children themselves, and the expected result is that children will to a higher degree become aware of the countless possibilities that exist when mixing, for example, mixing of colors and flavors, sounds and tastes, or smells and colors. The workshop has been developed in collaboration with Shiva Sherveh and Mehdi Torkaman.