Tina Jonsbu

Tina Jonsbu is a visual artist living in Oslo. She is educated at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Since October 2015 she has been a research fellow at the Department of Art and Craft at Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

About the researc fellowship project:

Untitled (working title: Do I draw with my back to the world?)

The object of this research fellowship project is to study, understand and develop my artistic practice at a personal level, but also as an attitude in the society of which I am a part.

I work mainly with drawing, and execute my works according to a system and a set of rules that I determine in advance. They involve simple, repetitive actions within a time interval or a physical demarcation such as a sheet of paper or a wall. I like the fact that the work is slow.

I am uncertain whether the presence in my process can be viewed as open and attentive to the surroundings, or whether it is introverted and exclusive. Perhaps it varies throughout the working process. Perhaps absence from something is a precondition of presence in something else.

I am also uncertain about whether time goes fast or slow or whether it stops. But I know that the thought of it disappears.

I see my works as a visualization or documentation of the process of making them. During the fellowship period I want to map out what the different parts of this process are; both through a specific description of procedures and action and through a mapping of how my thoughts and consciousness move and are while I work.

My goal is to create artistic work that investigates and elucidates the process and how it can be communicated and presented as a consistent and meaningful attitude.

website: www.tinajonsbu.no