Liv Bugge

Research Fellow (Norwegian Artistic Research Programme)
Lives and works in Oslo (b. 1974)

Liv Bugge studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo and HISK (Higher Institute for Fine Art) in Belgium.

Liv Bugge’s artistic practice incorporates a variety of media, with emphasis on video. Bugge is interested in aggression as both a constructive and destructive force in society. Many of her works are disrupting the borderline between past and present, perpetrator and victim and between facts and fiction. Her research as a fellow at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts is questioning normative structures within the Scandinavian welfare-state, with focus on what the embodiment of such mechanisms of control of and government does to the contemporary subject.

Bugge also runs the artist-run platform FRANK with Sille Storihle. FRANK is an Oslo based platform, established to nurture art and critical discourse revolving around gender issues, desire and sexuality. The platform operates in different locations and with various co-curators. The aim is to build a community and create discussions that address the hegemonic structures in society. The first FRANK event took place in an old attic in St. Olavs gate in Oslo on April 15, 2012.

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