The Sinthome Score

Kort om prosjektet:
The Sinthome Score is a performance project concieved for a museum context. It consists of two elements: a performance designed for two or more performers, and a score describing and directing the elements of the performance, enabling anyone to join.

Om prosjektet:
The performance is continuous, happening in the presence or absence of an audience, as long as the museum is open to the public. The performance is a duo performance, where one performer reads and the second performer moves; the roles are exchangeable.
Both performers follow a score, composed of a text score and a choreographic score.
The text score corresponds to the seminar xxiii of Jacques Lacan, "The Sinthome". The choreographic score correspond to positions found in contemporary choreography, but could correspond as well to daily movements and positions. Both scores contribute to each other and affect each other, very much following one of the sentences that can be found in the text score: The Unconcious is the body pierced by language. The performance has an affect as much on the audience as on the performers, creating a state of enhanced perception of each other: performer one, performer two, and performative audience.

Prosjektleder: Dora Garcia

Forskningsresultat: Se i vitenarkivet