Progression Chart

Project title: Progression Chart. The study of classical ballet at Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Brief description of the project: The high standard of today’s ballet companies and dance performance demands the young ballet students to become from a younger age in to expressive performers with prowess physicality and skilled virtuosity.

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Classical Ballet aims to coach such skilled, professional dancers. The three-year full time program is designed for selected talented ballet students from the age of 15/16 years pursuing a career in ballet.

The language of ballet is wide and has developed within different schools and traditions over time. At Oslo National Academy of the Arts we find ourselves in the middle of a young Norwegian ballet tradition that has embraced the diversity of its faculty’s multicultural ballet background.

The progression chart is the product of the faculty’s reflective discussions. In them we dedicate hours to the study of the vocabulary covered during the program. While discussing the vocabulary we strengthen our shared our teaching experience, artistic values and opinions.

The progression chart is rooted in the traditional vocabulary of movements contained in the classical ballet repertoire. Thorough the program the students gradually strengthen their technique and develop their personal artistic expression as they study the vocabulary and perform relevant pieces of the classical repertoire.

This progression chart does not include a list of the steps and movements covered at junior level, but it contains the vocabulary that the junior pupil is expected to study prior to enter the program.

It is our ambition that this progression chart will serve as a guide and tool for both teachers and students, and that it can bring useful information to the Norwegian ballet community in general.

Project leaders: Toini Kristensen / Tania Rodriguez