Printmaking in the expanded field

Kort om prosjektet:
The radical changes within the field of printmaking the last 20 years have totally changed the approach towards the media. Printmaking is now an art form that expands into sculpture, performance, clothes, installation, the commercial aspect, cyberspace, artist books, multiples, 3D prototyped objects/prints, ready-mades, newspapers etc.
The result is a cross pollination which in its turn points to the total reflection of today ́s contemporary art.
How does this affect the historical aspect of the memory of printmaking?
How will it affect the future of prints? Is the expanded field perceived as a threat or as a possibility?
Will it help to re-configure the traditional aspects of it?

Prosjektleder: Jan Stefan Pettersson

Forskningsresultat: Se i vitenarkivet

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