Of(f) Our Times: The Aftermath of the Ephemeral and other Curatorial Anachronics

Kort om prosjektet:
The topic of “exhibition history” is a relatively new, but quickly growing field of interest and research.
A second part of the public seminar, a continuation of the discussion, in our view, seems extremely important not just because of the already mentioned interest in the topic, but above all, as a signal that we aim at a continuous engagement with the exhibitionary form and future of exhibiting and that the format of the public seminar is part of a long-term research on temporal dimensions of exhibiting.

Om prosjektet:
The first part of the seminar affirmed how exhibitions lead to a variety of reciprocal conversations and reformulations, created different layers of relationships, and reverberate(d) through time and space in manifold ways. The practice of exhibition history, of referencing exhibitions thus reminds us of how exhibiting (understood as a reflexive cultural technique consisting in formating constellations) is part of broader social, economic and political developments, and demands from us to continuously shape and re-shape our understanding of its form, structure and function.
How does this perspective effect methods of referencing? would be one of the questions we would like to bring to part 2. What can be identified as research in relation to exhibiting?
What contradictions might lie in this approach to exhibition histories?
How, under what conditions, with which aims and perspectives should new, different, alternative modes of referencing get introduced to the established tradition of exhibition history?

Prosjektleder: Rike Frank

Mer informasjon: http://www.khio.no/events/154