Across the Wires

Project Title: Across the Wires

Brief description of the project: This project explores the pictorial gap between hand drawn letter forms and fonts that originate in analogue formats (such as letterpress) and those that are now re-rendered through digital tools. The practice of drawing is emerging as a key tool in addressing this disparity of the to and fro between old and new technologies. The exploration is based on the KHiO Typographic Archive (KHiO-TA), a wealth of rare and historic archive material and the project is set in the context of the development in the materiality of graphic design practice since the early 2000.

The main question the project addresses is: How does the shift to and from new technologies alter or add to design processes, in particular in design processes where the physical gesture of drawing plays a central role such as with letterforms and typographic work.

Project leader: Maziar Raein

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