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Continuing education

Continuing education

Do you need an academic top-up? The Oslo National Academy of the Arts runs a programme of continuing education classes in the performing arts, fine art and design. The programme can be followed either full- or part-time and includes lectures, practical classes, workshops and seminars. Many of the courses are open to everyone.

Each course description specifies the target group and explains the previous experience participants are expected to have. See course descriptions.

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Clothes and Choreography - an interdisciplinary research

We invite dancers (8) and costume designers (3) to participate in Clothes and Choreography -an interdisciplinary research between two departments at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Dance- and Design Departments with their group of master students in Choreography and Costume design. The course begins August 22 and lasts four weeks.

Time: Weeks 34, 35, 36, 37- 2016
Starting Monday 22 August – Thursday 15 September

Application deadline: August 8 (extended)

Read more about Clothes and Choreography

Regular courses

Here we present courses offered each year. Precise dates are announced well before the first session.

Art History 1 – From Ancient Egypt to Romanticism

The course is open to external students, and is attended by Bachelor’s and Master’s students from the Academy of Fine Art.

Brief description of the course:
The course is the first part of a three-semester cycle. It aims to give students an introduction to the history of art in the form of a “picture archive” and a set of key concepts about historical eras. The lectures cover the following topics:

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Antiquity
  • The Medieval Period
  • The Renaissance
  • The Baroque
  • Classicism
  • Romanticism

Recommended reading:
Gombrich, E. H. (1950). The Story of Art. Phaidon
Gardner, H., Kleiner, F. S., Mamiya, C. J.,(1995). Art Through the Ages

Language: Norwegian
Previous knowledge: None
Registration fee: None
Level: The course is offered as continuing education

Teaching practice, assessment and supervision in art education 1 and 2

The target group for the course is new and established staff members at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, teacher trainers affiliated with the National Academy, and other art and design teachers who wish to develop their teaching and supervision skills.

The course is oriented to the characteristics and practical aspects of arts disciplines. It is part-time, runs for four semesters, and earns 15 ECTS credits. There are 16 places available.

Module 1
Teaching practice, assessment and supervision are central themes in all course programmes and instruction. The course focuses on basic teaching skills and the ability to offer critical assessment and guidance in arts education, with reference to the characteristics and practical aspects of arts disciplines. The course addresses key issues in educational theory relating to the classroom situation and the role of the teacher, with particular emphasis on supervision and assessment.

Module 2
The course aims to train practical teaching skills and develop the teacher’s capacity for critical reflection and knowledge of practice theory. The course addresses key issues in educational theory relating to the classroom situation and the role of the teacher, with particular emphasis on supervision and assessment in the participant’s own practical work. The course is practice oriented, and aims to integrate theory and practice through experience-based learning.

Admission procedure, application form and deadlines
You can apply for Module 1 on its own, but admission to Module 2 requires completion of Module 1. Admission is by application, which must include a CV and a short letter of motivation.

Teacher trainers employed in secondary schools may also apply for the course via the Kompetanse for kvalitet (Competence for Quality) scheme. Here you can apply for substitute teacher funding. See

Registration fee
There is no registration fee for employees at and teacher trainers affiliated with the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.
For others, the fee is NOK 2,500 per module.

Continuing education in the performing arts in public space

“Performing arts in public space – creative learning and work processes” is a course aimed at professionals in the fields of dance and theatre, including both performers and artist teachers.

Target group and content of the programme
The course “Performing arts in public space” explores “expanded” performance – an expanded encounter between artists and audiences based on an artistic concept, a form of active, participatory and educational approach to building audiences. Performing arts in public space is a project and experience-based programme that involves the development of performing arts projects. The programme provides practical and theoretical insights into the use of performing arts in complex and diverse art arenas, together with experience in analysing and exploring the interface between performing arts and various performance contexts and audiences. The programme provides an introduction to various theories, models and trends in the field, and trains skills in analysing, planning, directing, implementing and assessing creative performing arts projects in social settings. The target group is performing artists and performing arts teachers in the fields of dance and theatre.

Admission requires a completed Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in dance or theatre, either performance or teaching oriented.

The course is structured around three main themes:

  • Performing arts in public space – what, where, why and how?
  • Art educational tools for leading creative learning and creative work processes in the performing arts
  • Project planning, implementation, documentation and reporting

The practical phase
The training is conducted in close collaboration with the professional field and alternates campus sessions at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts with periods of practical work in the field, consisting of art projects aimed at children and teenagers, the elderly, people in correctional programmes, the multicultural arena, or out in public spaces in general. The Oslo National Academy of the Arts has cooperation agreements with the following partners for 2015: Panta Rei Danseteater, Vardeteateret, Tekstlab and Scenekunst Østfold.

Registration fee
The registration fee for the course is NOK 10,000, payable in two instalments.

Agenda – discussion forum

Agenda is the forum for discussions on issues, subjects and challenges relating to the curriculum of the Art and Craft department.

Agenda is organised in collaboration with Kunstnernes Hus, and takes place at Kunstnernes Hus, Wergelandsveien 17, Oslo. Sessions are from 10:00 to 16:00. Welcome!

Agenda is the Art and Craft department’s forum for discussions on issues, subjects and challenges relating to its curriculum. With the early Arts and Crafts movement and the Bauhaus vision of art integrated with everyday life as its historical point of departure, the Art and Craft department seeks to elaborate on the relationship between art and life, on matters of materiality (production, sustainability, globalisation), on design and architecture, and on artistic practice in social and political contexts in a contemporary perspective.

Agenda encompasses talks, presentations, discussions and bold statements.

Agenda is aimed both at students and teachers at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and at a broader audience.