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environment embodiment - towards enchanted narratives

PhD Candidate Fernanda Branco's doctoral project

Academic summary

The artistic research Environment embodiment – towards poetic narratives explores correlations between movement and voice throughout encounters with environments and matters from a sympoiesis perspective of becoming-with, where the body is also considered an environment. This research is processual, based on regenerative modes of work, it focuses on the agency of encounters and it is informed by cycles. Guided by extended temporalities, endurance, allowing works to regenerate itself, by minimal production, venturing in long-lasting processes and reflections whilst collaborating with artists from music, visual art and design fields. The core of the artistic practice is embodied experiences.

Practising states of wonder, attentiveness, evocation, observation, memory, sensorial awareness, and acts of becoming-with those experiences. Also drawing inspiration from Micro- phenomenology interview method. Documentation is explored through paint, poetic descriptions and participants testimonies, which generates other works cyclically, also in collaboration with artists and makers. Thinking of documentation as a process, these modes of documentation foster active imagination and challenge concepts of authorship and values.

Performativity is at the core of the research and the strategy is to work in series. The method is to inhabit the space between genres, styles, media, and disciplines, verging on facts, fiction, documentary and poetry.

In creative relation to the concept Sympoiesis coined by Beth Dempters the project perspective is that of becoming-with-encounters. For Dampters ecosystems are complex, self-organizing, collectively producing, boundaryless systems.

The project seeks to combine a personal movement-voice practice with somatic movement knowledge, interested in the agency of encounters with environments and matters.

Sympoiesis is also proposed as an approach to woven dramaturgy for performative experiences. A braiding together of various modes of artistic research including narrative, enactment, performance, lecture, action, workshop, documentation and exposition.

Inspired by Micro-phenomenology interview the project uses this method as a mode of inquire to unfold micro gestures of an artistic practice and to create narratives and texts.

Positions itself within a performance-oriented wave of Post-dramatic Theatre the project is, at the same time, informed by the experimental concerns of the artistic research context.

The project will draw from a range of other fields and practices - Post-humanist Feminism, Environmental thinking, discourses around the Anthropocene and epistemologies of the Global South. Including collaborations with other artists, art works and environments.

The artistic works will emerge from the process itself, as enchanted narratives, as becoming-withs of inner and outer environments.

Project facts

Project title environment embodiment - towards poetic narratives
Project manager Fernanda Branco
Oslo National Academy of the Arts
Start date
End date
Project status Active
Department Academy of Theatre