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Exhibitions - showrooms


Oslo National Academy of the Arts has six galleries for exhibitions:

In addition, KHiO has a few areas which, under some restrictions, may be used for showing works. 

These are:

You can find information on exhibitions, shows and other viewings by departments and students in the event calendar on the KHiO website.

If you wish to show your work in one of KHiOs galleries or other areas, here are some guidelines and information that will help you plan your exhibition:

Reservation of Exhibition Spaces

KHiOs visual art departments are prioritized for use of the school galleries. Time slots in the galleries are allotted each semester during tuition scheduling. The departments can inform you on available time slots. 

Art and Craft has a student Gallery Group that handles applications from the department’s students. The group assigns exhibition slots in the Seilduken gallery that the department is allotted for the school year. Information regarding this is given to the department’s students each semester. 

The Academy of Fine Art is every year allotted a Seilduksgalleri and has also their own two galleries P0 and Skylight. The department can inform you of their own routines for booking of exhibition spaces. 

Contact a student advisor at your department if you have questions regarding reservation of rooms or wish to show your work in one of the rooms listed above. You can find a check available areas and periods here.

The outdoor area around KHiO is not part of the school’s lease. If you wish to exhibit or work in the outdoor area, your department must send the school landlord an application on your behalf, covering a detailed description of your intended use of the area. This also includes Asiatisk hage. The application must be sent at least two weeks in advance. Contact your program coordinator for more information regarding the application.

Access and Security

To gain access to the exhibition space you need to be able to document the time and place for your upcoming exhibition. Contact Operations at to ask for access to be programmed on your access card.

While you are working and exhibiting in any area, you are responsible for the security in it. Do not leave doors open to it unattended so as not to let in trespassers, make sure fire safety and escape routes are upheld, and use the area in accordance with the rules and regulations stated in the floor plan, which you can find below.

The current opening hours for KHiO can be found here. The opening hours also apply to all work in the exhibition spaces. 

AV Equipment

If you wish to use projectors, sound equipment, media players or other equipment for recording or viewing of audio and video, you may lend them from the Equipment Store at the Service Center. E-mail your request to Tom Trøbråten well in advance of your exhibition at and describe what you want to show, how and from what source, and Tom will help you. Read more about the Equipment Store, including Lending Conditions, here


KHiOs lighting technician Kaja Glenne Lund handles lighting of exhibitions and degree shows at KHiO and can help you light your exhibition. 

There are ERCO spotlight systems installed in the following rooms:

  • Seilduken 1
  • Seilduken 2
  • Resepsjonsgalleriet
  • Formsalen
  • The corner of the vestibule
  • The area in front of the service center desk
  • Teorirommet

NOTE: you may not yourself work with KHiO’s ERCO spots

All other areas require good planning to be lit properly. 

Contact Kaja well in advance of your exhibition at to request assistance with lighting. 

Exhibition Coordinator

KHiO’s exhibition coordinator Annika Isaksson Pirtti is assigned to the Operations team and coordinates assistance with mounting, AV-equipment and lighting of larger exhibitions and events at KHiO. She also coordinates the assistance to the degree shows of the visual departments, and KHiO’s participation in Elvelangs. 

If you are planning an exhibition at KHiO and have questions regarding the use of the exhibition space, contact Annika at You can also contact Operations with your questions at

Mounting of works

You can find floor plans with measurements and information on materials in walls, lighting possibilities and restrictions for use by the end of this page (in norwegian only).

Please note the regulations and restrictions for use of the exhibition space and adjacent areas so that your mounting and storage does not put fire and evacuation safety at risk or conflict with the prohibited use of the area. This way, you will not risk having to redo the mounting or having your work removed without notice.

You need to use your own tools and materials for mounting, such as screws, wire, hooks etc. There are ladders available in the Seilduken building as well as next to the Auditorium. Please remember to return the ladders after you are done with them. Ladders locked to the wall are not lent out. 

Operations can help you if you have questions or need advice regarding materials or mounting of your exhibition. They may also be able to assist you with mounting for example from the ceiling. Send your requests to Operations at and a member of the team will help you. If you need practical help – make sure to send your request at least two weeks in advance.

Tips on mounting:

  • For mounting in walls made of wood or plywood you can use plain screws for wood. You can also use screws for wood for mounting in plywood covered with plaster, if the screw is long enough to reach the plywood. Only use screws that are threaded all the way unless you are about to mount a plywood plate etc. tightly to a wall or a latch/stud.
  • For mounting light objects in drywalls (plaster) you can use small nails, or small screws for wood – if you fasten them slowly. For mounting heavier objects in a drywall you need drywall screws/anchors. Follow this link for a short video (in norwegian only) on mounting in drywalls.
  • PLEASE NOTE: do not use plastic wall plugs in walls made of plaster or wood. Plastic plugs are not suited for plaster or wood, regardless of what the shop or the package may tell you. They won’t give you a tight fixing or carry their intended weight in a drywall or a wall of wood/plywood.
  • For mounting in concrete walls you will need wall plugs for concrete as well as screws.
    PLEASE NOTE: always contact Operations in advance if you wish to mount from concrete walls. It is not permitted to drill into all walls on the school premises, for instance not into the old brick walls.
  • Always contact Operations in advance if you wish to mount anything from any ceiling.
  • PLEASE NOTE: never mount anything from technical fixtures such as part of the ventilation, water, drain, fire detection or fire extinguishing systems, or from light fixtures.

Posters in the outdoor area must not be attached to facades or on the outside of windows and doors. In the outdoor area, posters must be displayed by use of loose poster holders or attached by use of sticky tack to the inside of windows.

Paint and Filler

You may pick up white paint and filler to reset gallery walls from the Operations team in Fossveien 20. You must only use the paint you get from Operations for resetting the walls. Other brands may have the wrong colour tone or shine, leaving you with having to paint the whole wall all over again.

PLEASE NOTE: you may only use this paint to reset the walls into their proper white colour! You may not mix this colour with other paints or pigments or use it for your exhibition architecture or your works. Any other paint that you may need, you must purchase yourself. By use of a code along with showing your KHiO access card, you can purchase paint, filler, painting tools etc. with the KHiO discount at the Flügger farve store which is located at Alexander Kiellands plass. Contact Operations at for more information regarding this.

Pedestals and Exhibition Architecture

KHiO does not have any pedestals or exhibition architecture/structures. Any shelves, tables, podiums etc. that you may need for your exhibition, you need to build or buy yourselves.

Resetting of Exhibition Spaces

After closing your exhibition and demounting your works, you must reset the exhibition space for the next user. This includes:

  • Removing all nails, screws, plugs, anchors, staples, tape etc.
  • Resetting all holes from screws etc. with filler, sanding the patches down so the wall is even, and painting them. If necessary, you need to paint the whole wall. You may pick up filler and paint from Operations in Fossveien 20.
  • Removing all furniture, equipment and other items that you brought to the space, including from adjacent areas.
  • Removing and discarding all trash.


To let the public know about your exhibitions and events the communication team at KHiO can help with getting it online. 

You can contact team commucation at Please prepare text for the calendar on with details about who is exhibiting or participating, together with information about time and place. Feel free to include relevant links to websites.

Team communication manages KHiO's accounts on Instagram and Facebook. Sometimes the team can offer a take-over on Instagram. Feel free to contact the team if you have any suggestions or questions.

You can also contact team communication about the design manual.

Serving Drinks or Snacks during Exhibitions

No use of alcohol or other intoxicants is allowed on the school premises, according to the Student Regulations and the Rules of Conduct in the Operating Regulations. This also applies to exhibitions.

If you during your exhibition wish to serve alcohol, you need to abide by KHiO’s Regulations for Serving of Alcohol (the required documents can be found here under "fester" - in Norwegain). Serving of alcohol require, among other things, permission from KHiO’s director, as well as a temporary license for serving alcohol from Oslo municipality. Without permission from the director and a temporary license, no serving, selling or drinking of alcohol is allowed on the KHiO premises. This also applies to exhibitions and shows.

All violations against the KHiO Regulations for Serving of Alcohol will be reported to the KHiO management.

Public Access to Exhibitions

Exhibitions in the Main Building

Exhibitions in the KHiO main building can only be kept open for public access during the hours the reception is staffed, and only by use of the main entrance. 

The reception is staffed during these hours:

  • Mon - Thu 8.00 am to 8.00 pm
  • Fri 8.00 am to 3.00 pm

Outside of these hours there is no desk staff at the reception. If an exhibition in the main building is to be kept open outside of the hours above or during weekends, the exhibitor must him/herself cover the expenses for extra desk staff at the Service Center. All visitors must then enter the main building by the main entrance. Contact Oddvar Røsten at the reception at least two weeks in advance of your exhibition to request extra desk staff at the reception at

PLEASE NOTE: no doors into the building must be kept open by use of heavy items etc. This constitutes a breach of security, and will be reported to the KHiO management.

Exhibitions in Seilduken 1, Seilduken 2 and Skylight

For exhibitions in Seilduken 1, Seilduken 2 and Skylight, the exhibitor is him/herself responsible for letting the public in and out of the exhibition space, and for making sure no one gains access to other parts of the building. 

  • For exhibitions in Seilduken 1, you may lock the door facing the school yard in an open position by opening it as far as it goes until it clicks. To close it – click the key switch on the inside wall (placed high up on the left-hand side).
  • For exhibitions in Seilduken 2 and Skylight, Operations can program the door into the stairwell from the school yard open during the exhibition hours. Send your request for programming of this door to a few days in advance. While this door is open, you need to arrange for someone keeping watch at this door during the entire opening time. 

PLEASE NOTE: no doors into the building must be kept open by use of heavy items etc. This constitutes a breach of security, and will be reported to the KHiO management.

Degree shows

From around mid-April each year, all exhibition spaces are reserved for the degree shows for the visual departments. Each department paints the areas of their exhibitions, and mounting and lighting of the exhibition is coordinated by the departments and the Operations team. PR/marketing of the degree shows is handled by the departments in coordination with the Communications team. 


In September each year, on the Thursday nearest to the autumn equinox, Oslo municipality arranges Elvelangs. During the evening, all the electrical lighting is turned off along the river walkways, all the way from Vaterland to Frysja, and the public is invited to a walk along the river, which for this evening only are turned into a torch lit art scene. More about Elvelangs here (in norwegian only).

KHiO is one of the Elvelangs main art scenes during the evening, and our students take part every year, showing art works, installations, performances and other projects on the riverbanks outside the school premises. For the evening, KHiO always lit the waterfall as well as parts of the windows overlooking the river. 

For the KHiO participation, school may make use of parts of the eastern riverbank on the school premises, from the terrace outside “Vrimla” to the little wooded area south of Akers Mek. 

During August, an e-mail with information of the event and how to apply to participate is sent to all students by KHiOs Exhibition Coordinator. Spaces are alotted post deadline. During the day of the event, some assistance with mounting and lighting of projects is available, as well as access to electricity. 

Please note that selling items and handing out samples or information is not allowed during the event.