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Basic teaching module course for employees

KHiO and NiH are now offering a basic teaching module course for employees at KHiO for the academic year 2022-2023.

Basic teaching module course for employees at KHiO, academic year 2022-2023

Program for developing basic teaching competencies is a module based, flexible course within teaching and learning in higher education for employees at KHiO and the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences.

The course aims to secure the educational competence for educators at KHiO which has become a mandatory requirement for working in educational positions. The course’s framework encompasses 5 basic modules and 3 additional supplementary higher-level modules. Basic module 1 and 2 (60 + 60 hours) are mandatory and need to be passed prior to choosing and attending any of the additional, optional modules (40 + 40 hours). Especially employees that wish to gain the level of professor or a status as merited educator are advised to take the latter optional and higher-level modules.

Read more about the courses and the different modules here: Competency development and qualification/programme for developing basic teaching competencies (

If you any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Heidi M. Haraldsen (educational prorector) at


Ansatte bes henvende seg til sin dekan, som melder inn sine prioriterte ansatte til kursmodulene. Det er også mulig å melde seg direkte til prorektor for utdanning;

Employees are asked to register via their Dean who, in turn, will register their prioritized educators. It’s also possible to write directly and apply for participation to Heidi M. Haraldsen:

Course offer  2022-2023

Modul Contents Time
Basic module 1
The educator’s role
• Theory of knowledge, theory of learning, and educational stance
• The role of teachers and supervisors
• Ethics, power, inclusion and diversity
• The importance of the psychosocial learning environment
Block 1:
Week 38 Mon+ Fri.
Block 2:
Uke 50 Wedn.
Basismodul 2
The class
• Introduction to general didactics and a few key didactical models
• Use of discipline-specific and varied techniques adapted to different learning contexts
• Research-based teaching
• Key steering documents and curricula
• Introduction to the standard use of Canvas
Block 1: Week 2 mon+ fri
Block 2: Week 24 Wedn
Basic module 3
• Supervision theory, models and forms
• Interpersonal skills and communication
• Practising supervisory skills and the supervision process
• Using student mentors as supervisors
Block 1: Week 2 Mon+ Fri
Block 2: Week 23 Wedn
Basic module 4
Flexible and digicital teaching
• What do we mean by digital tools?
• Appropriate use of Canvas
• How to increase student engagement before, during and after a teaching session
• Digital tools that can increase interaction and collaboration
• Basic introduction to the use of videos as a teaching resource
Block 1: Week 38 Mon+ Fri
Block 2: Week 50 Wedn
Basismodul 5*
FOU/KUF based developmental projects
• Research-based teaching
• Scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL)
• Exploring one’s own teaching
Block 1:* Week 24 Mon+ Fri
Block 2: Week 22 Wedn.

*runs throughout the whole academic year, starting in week 24