Frequently asked questions about admissions

What is the Oslo National Academy of the Arts?

The Oslo National Academy of the Arts (Norwegian: Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, KhiO) is a university college with about 500 students and 180 employees. Oslo National Academy of the Arts was established on the 1st of August 1996 through the merger of five formerly independent colleges.

The Oslo National Academy of the Arts consists of the following departments: Academy of Dance , Academy of Opera, Academy of Theater, Design, Art and Craft, and Academy of Fine Art.

The school offers three-year bachelor's programmes (180 cedits), two-year master's programmes (120 credits), and one-year programmes (60 credits) in Opera and in PPU (Postgraduate Certificate in Education).

Oslo National Academy of the Arts is accredited as a specialised university college by NOKUT (the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education), an independent expert body under the Ministry of Education and Research.

How much does your study programmes cost?

The Oslo National Academy of The Arts is a public institution funded by the Government of Norway and tuition is free for all students. All students must pay a semester fee to The Student Welfare Organisation of Oslo and Akershus (SiO). Expenses for any materials that you use in your works you must cover yourself.
However, Norway is an expensive country to live in, so students from certain countries outside the EU have to pay a deposit (NOK 123 519; in 2020) before they arrive to show that they have enough financial support to stay here. For more information about this and how to apply for a study permit, please see The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI).

Do you offer financial support?

No, we do not offer any financial support for our students. We advise you to research what opportunities for financial support there might be in your own country. There are some limited opportunities from The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund («Lånekassen») for foreign students.

Do you offer any student housing?

Students at The Oslo National Academy of the Arts can apply for reasonably priced student accommodation through the Student Welfare Association – SiO.

All questions regarding the application form and housing in general must be directed to SiO Housing.

If you prefer, there is of course also the option of private accommodation.

Can you check if I am qualified before I submit my application?
How is the study programme structured, where can I find detailed information about the study programme?

You will find information about the study programmes and admission under each department:

Academy of Dance
Academy of Opera
Academy of Theater
Art and Craft
Academy of Fine Art

Please see the programmes curriculum for detailed information. This is linked to at the bottom of the page describing the program.

What are the entrance requirements for your bachelor programmes?

Since all our bachelor programmes - unless explicitly stated in the programme description – requires documented proficency in Norwegian, please see the information in Norwegian.

However, here is a short summary: The general basis for admission to universities and university colleges in Norway is called Higher Education Entrance Qualification or "Generell studiekompanse (GSK)". Minimum requirement for admission to Norwegian colleges and universities is the successful completion of Norwegian upper secondary education or equivalent international education.
Nordic/Scandinavian education that qualifies for entrance to universities in your own country, also qualifies in Norway. The same usually applies for all of Europe. For the details regarding your country, please see Higher Education Entrance Qualification for Persons with Foreign Education.

Do I have to speak Norwegian if I want to apply for a master’s program?

The master’s programmes are designed for students who only master English, such that all courses and electives can be completed without the student mastering Norwegian.

For the Master’s in Theater, applicants must document proficiency in one of the Scandinavian languages and English.
Applicants with educational background from either outside of the Nordic countries or from non-English-speaking countries must demonstrate English proficiency by passing the TOEFL- test (minimum score of 500) or the IELTS test (minimum score of 5.0).

Can I submit my application by ordinary mail or deliver it by hand to you?

No, we only accept applications registered and uploaded to our application portal “Søknadsweb”.

I haven't taken all my exams yet, but I will recieve my diploma this summer. Can I apply?

Yes, you can apply on the condition that you will send us your diploma by 1st July.

When you apply, use the comment field I “Søkandsweb” and kindly let us know that you are in the process of finishing your exams and that you will send us the Diploma as soon as possible, and no later than 1st July.
If you have a transcript of records you may upload that until you get your Diploma.

I’ve already done a similar study programme at another academy. Can I start directly in the second year?

No, we do not consider this during the application process. If you accept the offer to start the study programme, you can then apply to have your previous studies recognized and included in your degree here and then perhaps be “upgraded”.

I’m on the waiting list, what happens now?

You must first accept to be on the waiting list on our application portal “Søknadsweb”. We will contact you if a place becomes available. This can happen up until a couple of weeks after the programme have started. We are not able to say how likely it is that you will be offered a place.

Can I come visit the school and get a guided tour?

Normally the school is open to visitors, but due to the Corona-situation we are in and for reasons of infection control, it will not be possible to come and look around right now.

KHiO usually arranges an Open Day every academic year in November (cancelled in 2020 due to restrictions). We do not offer guided tours except from this day.

Feel free to sign up for our newsletter (in Norwegian) for information about events happening on campus you might want to attend if you are visiting Oslo, including Open Day.

You could also check out KHiOs Instagram account in order to get an impression of the school.

Is there a lower or upper age limit for applicants?

No, anyone that fulfils the entrance requirements can apply.

I’ve got other questions that are not answered here.

Have you remembered to read the application attachment for your programme? The programmes curriculum might also answer many of your questions. You should also check our International Student Handbook.
If you still have questions, you can e-mail us.