Absence from an exam

Valid reasons for being absent from an exam are illness, important circumstances related to the student’s well-being, or other exceptional reasons that must be documented.

A valid reason for being absent entitles the student to postpone an exam.

Required documentation
In order for absence from an exam to be considered valid, a medical certificate or other relevant documentation must be provided.

Use the form Application for/Notification of Absence from an Exam.

The application should be sent to postmottak@khio.no with the subject line “Studieseksjonen/ Forfall til eksamen” (“Section of Academic Affairs/ Absence from an exam”).

Absence from an exam must be reported prior to the start of an exam, and the relevant form (attached with a medical certificate and/or other valid documentation) must be sent as quickly as possible and no later than three workdays after the exam.

Absence that is not approved
Absence that is not reported in advance or that is not approved as valid will be counted as one of the three permitted exam attempts. The same applies to students who submit a blank answer sheet, who withdraw during an exam without a valid reason or who, without a valid reason, fail to submit reports, works, home assignments or the like within the prescribed deadlines.