Verification of academic qualifications and the national Diploma Registry

Students (and former students) can share their results digitally with employers and others via the national Diploma registry, a service from the Norwegian ministry of education and research.

Using the Diploma registry for verification

  • makes sharing and reciving results from higher education easy and secure.
  • ensures the results are correct without the need to contact the university/college that issued the results.

Read more about the Diploma registry. Using the Diploma Registry to verify academic records and qualifications is a quick and easy way to verify education -and degree history. In most cases, the Diploma Registry can replace the more time consuming verification services outlined in the next section.

Contacting the Oslo National Academy of the Arts for verification

The Academy can verify diplomas and transcripts if it's not possible to use the Diploma registry.

Please contact us at Send us the name and date of birth of the person. If so, we will only confirm the degree the person has achieved.

The Academy does not provide any other information about our former students and does not complete third-party forms as a part of our verification services.