Lost diploma

If your diploma has been lost for good, you can apply to have a duplicate issued.


You can apply to have a duplcate issued if your diploma has been permanently lost. The documentation may include a police report if your diploma was stolen, confirmation from your insurance company in the event of theft or fire, or the remains of the diploma if it was destroyed.

Application processing

If your application is granted, the Academy will issue a duplicate of your diploma.  In some cases, technical or practical reasons prevent the issuing of duplicates, especially for old degrees. In these circumstances, the Academy can issue confirmation that the degree was obtained, together with a transcript.

Send your application

To ensure quick processing we need the following information:

  • Full name (when you were a student and today)
  • Date of birth
  • Correct current postal adress, telephone number and e-mail.
  • Your programme of study
  • When you started the programme and when you completed.

Application processing will noramly be approx. three weeks. Send the application with documentation to postmottak@khio.no.

Remeber that you don't always need your diploma on paper. Read more about the national Diploma registry.