Diploma for completed study programmes

When you have completed a study programme, your diploma is issued digitally and on paper automatically.

Basis for the diploma

As you approach the end of your studies, KHiO will check whether you meet the requirements for issuing of a diploma. Your diploma is based on completion of the courses in your individual education plan on Studentweb .

Your diploma will be issued only once and only in Norwegian. Take good care of this valuable document!

Diploma supplement

If you achieve a degree, you will also be issued an English-language diploma supplement. It follows the European standard and includes a description of the Norwegian educational system.

When can I expect to recieve my diploma and diploma supplement?

Your diploma will be produced as soon as your last exam results are registered and announced on Studentweb.

Your digital diploma will be available at the national Diploma Registry. Here you can easly and securly share all your results from Norwegian universities and colleges with potential employers, universities or other relevant parties.

Postal adress

Your paper diploma will be sent to your semester adress, as you have registered on Studentweb. Your digital diploma will be available at the Diploma registry before you'll recieve the paper diploma by mail.

What you should check in order to quickly recieve a correct diploma

  • Is my name correct on Studentweb?
  • Is my semester adress correct on Studentweb?
  • Have I given KHiO my Norwegian ID-number ("Fødselsnummer") , required for the Diploma registry?
  • Do all the courses in my indivdual education plan on Studentweb have a passing grade?
  • Do the number of credits in my indivdual education plan on Studentweb meet the requirements in the curriculum of my programme?
  • Are any external exams - including exchange studies - included  my indivdual education plan on Studentweb?

Lost diploma?

If your diploma has been permanently lost, you can apply to have a duplicate issued.