What's up this week

Updated information on courses and lecturing in the workshops, changes in opening hours and many other things.

Week 15

Workshop master absence:

The foundry is closed

All contact with workshop masters should be digital - get in touch via e-mail, phone or helpdesk.



If a workshop master is not in their office - get in touch by e-mail or telephone.

Next week

Week 16


The Foundry is closed



News and changes

  • The Foundry is closed until further notice. Please contact the Head of Student Workshops or Head of Technical Production for information.

Contagion control spring 2021

  • It is currently not be possible to receive personal assistance in the workshops. All contact with workshop masters must be digital, either through e-mail, our helpdesk, or by phone. Materials must be ordered in advance, and will be prepared and handed out by appointment only. The workshops are open exclusively for classes and students' independent work.
  • Face masks are mandatory in all workshops.
  • Tools and machines must be cleaned/disinfected between users by those who have just used it.
  • Maintain distance, respect markings, and observe limitations on number of simultaneous users in a workshop.
  • All rooms should be vacated and aired at regular intervals, preferably every hour - stay safe, take a break!
Please help us, yourself and your fellow students to keep our workshops open!