Zoltan Szolnoki

Zoltan Szolnoki, was born (1954) in Budapest, Hungary.

He completed his classical ballett education at the Hungarian State Ballet School (1973).

In the following decade, he was employed as a professional ballett dancer at the Hungarian State Ballet, where he performed both classical and modern repertoires. He was employed at the Norwegian Ballet from 1983-1995, where he performed demicaracter soloes too. In his career as a professional ballet dancer, he has performed in over 3000 perfomances on various stages, such as the Hungarian Opera, the Norwegian Opera, La Scala in Milan, the Mariniskie theatre in St. Petersburg, and so forth.

His career as a balletpedagog started in 1990, with five years as working as an instructor at the Nasjonalballetten in Oslo. At the Nasjonalballetten he was assitent ballet-master and later on he was responsible ballet-master for rehearsal. After retiring (1995) as a professional dancer, Zoltan Szolnoki has worked as a freelancer at different balletschools and at the Norwegian Opera’s Ballet School. From 2006 he has been assistant professor in classical ballet at the Oslo National Academy of Arts.

His pedagogical career has a wide range, having taught students from beginner’s classes to professional dancers. He has worked with both male and female dancers, and his teaching profile is classical ballet and pas de deux.

Research results

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