Stian S. Grøgaard

Professor (theory)
Philosopher, acoustic guitarist and writer
Lives and works in Oslo (b. 1956)

Intermediate degree in philosophy, literary science and sociology. in philosophy from the University of Oslo with a dissertation on Kant’s “Kritik der Urteilskraft”. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Art (1983-88, the Eikaas class), and was painting professionally for several years with participation in several exhibitions. Dr. Philos. (Habitilation) from the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Bergen with a dissertation on Edvard Munch.

He has written numerous articles on fundamental issues in philosophical aesthetics, with particular reference to German idealism (Kant and Hegel) and French poststructuralism (Deleuze and Derrida). Main art historical areas are early pictorial modernism from impressionism to cubism, Marcel Duchamp and American post-war art until 1980 (minimal art, conceptual art and individual artists like Robert Smithson. Wrote an extensive article, «Smithson Encubed» in the catalogue for the exhibition RS – A Retrospective at the Museum of Contemporary Art, 1999). Grøgaard has a thorough knowledge of American popular culture, and is currently writing a monograph on the legendary phonograph recordings in the 1920s. Has in the past five years also worked with religious-philosophical issues based on the lectures of Hegel and the late Schelling.

The monograph “Edvard Munch. An Exposed Life” came out on Akademika Publishing in December 2013

Research results

  • Arvesynd. Et grunnbegrep i den filosofiske antropologien (2019).
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  • Eirik Senje : Andre mennesker / Other Humans (2018).
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  • Oslo, 22. februar - En samtale med Joachim Trier (2018).
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  • Arkitektursalong (2017).
    Lecture. More
  • Forholdet mellom håndverk og kunst – en kunstteoretisk tilnærming, med et blikk på «Tegneskolens» undervisning (2017).
    Lecture. More
  • Western som romanse (2017).
    Lecture. More
  • Art as document (2017).
    Lecture. More
  • A Short Note on Revelation and Critique of Reason in Schelling’s Late Philosophy (2017).
    Academic lecture. More
  • Rule (2016).
    Chapter Translation. More
  • Three Incidents at the Border of Genre (2016).
    Academic article. More