Kathrine Tolo

Kathrine Tolo has worked as stage- and costume designer for 30 years, with emphasis on the modern dance field. For the last 10 years her assignments have allowed her to research specifically imaginative expressions. This work could maybe be described as being in a poetic- expressionist style.

Some thaughts on her motivation and method :
Tolo attempts to depict subjective emotions and responses that the characters and text arouse in her. By the use of means like tactility, colours , contrasts, composition and light she wants to share a certain sensibility with the spectators through the visual objects.

Through distortions, exaggeration and fantasy in material choices and formal elements she wants the audience to feel and read the characters state of mind, not only their social status and relations in the play.

She also want to surprise the spectators with the images, and in that way, through their own emotions, help them to enter this special sphere that can be created on stage.

As a designer she works hard to achieve the highest intensity of expression, both from an aesthetic point of view and in accordance with the concept and theme.

Statens Håndverks og Kunstindustriskole / Design
Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen / Tekstil
Special textile techniques.
Foreign grants:
Ecole Superieure des Arts Visuels de la Cambre.
Atelier Espaces Urbains et Ruraux / Sculpture Souple
French, Brussel
Escola Superior de Belas Artes de Lisboa, Atelier Scultura