Finn Iunker

Finn Iunker (b. 1969) is a Norwegian playwright and is currently research fellow in the Programme for Artistic Research. His works for the stage include «The Answering Machine» (Gießen 1994), «Play Alter Native» (Amsterdam 1999) and «Dealing With Helen» (Antwerp 2003). His latest publication is «Arbeider for scenen 1993–2015» (Works for the stage; Oslo 2015).

In his project, Iunker explores, among other things, the possibility of making theatre more accessible to the visually impaired. His primary interest in playwriting skills is style (also called classic style, normativ style; «Stilkunde» or «Stilkunst» in German).

Finn Iunker is also a Brecht scholar and defended in 2014 his thesis «’Der Jasager’ (erste Fassung). Text frühe Rezeption und Einverständnis als Einwilligung». His latest academic work is the article «’Man hätte wohl das Recht, einen alten Menschen zu töten’».