Amanda Steggell

Amanda Steggell (b. 1965) is a choreographer and artist based in Oslo.

Amanda studied dance (London College of Dance and Drama) and choreography (National College of Ballet and Dance, Oslo). In 2003-06 she was Fellow of the National Programme for Research Fellowships in the Arts at the Norwegian Theatre Academy, Østfold University College, where her subject was synaesthesia and contemporary live art practices.

Since the mid 1990’s, when she also co-founded the live art project Motherboard (1996-2008), Amanda has investigating how a body copes with information flowing between digital, natural and lived worlds, grappling with how these flows affect perceptions of time, space and place. The outcomes have taken on many live forms, from performances and installations in the black box and white cube to interventions in urban, rural and marine environments.

As a writer she has contributed to journals such as Dance Research Journal (CORD) and Performance Research Magazine (Routledge Press). As curator she is currently working on a marine-based research project for artists in Norway and the UK

Research results

  • Passaging with the Floating Arctic University Expedition (2019).
    Other presentation. More
  • Dancing Recurrences: a conversation on amphibiousness (2019).
    Museum exhibition. More
  • 'On extended choreography' (2019).
    Academic lecture. More
  • Amphibiousness: Island, pond, passage (2019).
    Academic lecture. More
  • Prototype for an Electromagnetic Fountain (2019).
    Other presentation. More
  • ‘Relational ontologies for futurescaping' (2019).
    Academic lecture. More
  • Discovering a new terella for dark times: Aurora Imaginaris (2019).
    Academic lecture. More
  • Enacting and dancing on amphibiousness (2019).
    Popular scientific lecture. More
  • STATE: A Parallelogrammic Apparatus (2018).
    Chapter. More
  • Discovering a new terella for dark times: Aurora Imaginaris (2018).
    Academic lecture. More